Brand Development

Jossy Care

The Challenge

Building an eye-catching website as well as developing their brand across all social media channels driving awareness and sales.

Joss Simmons came to us back on 2017 with the idea to over the UK nannying industry by storm. We did an in-depth assessment that gave us insight into the company’s strengths and opportunities.

He came up with the name “Jossy Care” named after himself and his main objective was to educate through inspiration and fun whilst breaking the status quo of male nannies.

Our 1s task was creating an eye-catching but professional website that portrayed Joss care’s main ethics and voice. Joss wanted to be able to blog, capture leads and also have the capability to expand as at a later date he wants to have a team of nannies his clients can book directly via the site.

We launched the site in summer 2018 and it was received well. As well as the site we assisted Jossy Care with their marketing, building an online community and growing their social media presence.  By the end of 2018, Jossy Care was fully booked up until 2020 which is a massive achievement, forcing him to expand.

February 2019 Jossy care was featured in TimeOut London speaking on Nanny Life And Male Nannies and in March 2018 they feature in Hackney Gazzete speaking discrimination in the childcare industry, which was both great exposures.




Jossy Care




October, 2017

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