Having an effective marketing strategy is essential for any organisation wishing to generate enquiries, increase brand awareness, stimulate customer demand, drive sales and increase market share. As your branding partner, Cove Solutions will establish a clear strategy aligned to your specific objectives and budgets within the context of the commercial landscape in which you operate.

As an agency we have a wealth of knowledge which spans the full spectrum of marketing channels. From ‘traditional’ tactics such as direct marketing, print advertising and PR, right through to web design, email, content marketing, social media and SEO – our team of in-house experts have the experience to tailor campaigns to meet your needs as a business.

Our approach and methodology follows proven marketing processes which are broken down into four main phases, covering:

Phase 1 - research, evaluation and planning

The initial step in the development of a marketing plan is to hold a joint ‘discovery’ meeting with your management team and key stakeholders. The aim of this meeting is to gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, business, marketing objectives and priorities.

As well as this, we’ll do our homework into any other areas necessary to give us a 360’ view of your business and marketplace. Briefs are important – but they can never tell the whole story!

Phase 2 - deliverables

The writing of a fully costed integrated marketing plan together with a project overview document (POD) covering its implementation.

Phase 3 - implementation

Once the marketing plan and POD have been signed off and final budgets approved, we will guide your team through implementing the strategy.

Phase 4 – measurement and reporting

We will discuss your expectations, confirm KPIs and agree the targets for any project or campaign. Regular evaluation will take place as part of any ongoing reporting agreed.

Our services are specifically designed to complement existing in-house marketing teams, filling in the gaps in skills, knowledge and resources, as well as providing practical help and support to businesses where no dedicated in-house marketing resource exists.

We provide fresh ideas and marketing impetus delivering tactical and operational marketing support, when and where it’s needed most. As a full-service agency, we fulfil a broad range of marketing roles and services to provide a results-driven, cost-effective and flexible solution for any type of organisation.

So What’s Next?

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